Bounce Houses

Limited local delivery options are available for an additional fee May 13, 2017-August 13, 2017.**

We have a variety of inflatables including; combo bounces, water slides & indoor/outdoor bounce houses. All Bounce Houses are for customer pickup & setup and MUST BE picked up in a truck or on a trailer. Upon booking your Bounce House, a 50% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit must be made. In the case of rain please call for re-booking.

Pickups / Drop offs:
We are VERY strict about pickup and drop off times, as our Bounce Houses are rented out back to back. Late drop offs may incur additional fees.

Monday – Friday* Weekday Rental Options:
8 Hour Rental: 8:30 am-5:00 pm
24 Hour Rental: 8:30 am-8:30 am or 5:00 pm-5:00 pm (*except Friday)

Saturday – Sunday Weekend Rate Only:
9:00 am Saturday – 8:30 am Monday

**Delivery locations are limited to: Gorham, Standish, Buxton, Scarborough, Westbrook and Windham for $95.00 from May 13, 2017 through 8/13/17.

Setup Instructions: Unroll Bounce House, make sure all zippers are zipped, tie one of the hoses off and attach the other to the blower. Bounce House should inflate in under 5 minutes. Keep blower attached and plugged in for the duration of the party.

Please click on picture of the Bounce House for exact dimensions and description.

We do not book Bounce Houses via email. Please call for live availability.

The Undersea Combo & the Jungle Adventure are smaller Bouncers and can fit in most garages.

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