Wedding Tents & Event Tents

Tents can play a big part in any event. They can shelter guests from the rain or provide cool shade from the sun. When guests first arrive and see a tent, they know something special is about to happen. We have tents and canopies for all occasions and can even accommodate “DIY” events.

Our wedding tents and party tents are clean, solid white. We offer both pole tents and frame tents. Pole tents tend to be visually appealing with high peaks and smooth lines. Their center poles support the fabric structure. Frame tents are popular because they have no center poles thus making it easy to arrange furniture. Frame tents are supported by metal frame work in the top of the tent.

The rental price for pole and frame tents includes installation and removal of the tent, installation of dance floors*, lighting and heaters, if applicable,  and delivery and pick up of tables, chairs and any other rented items.

We generally install our tents and canopies one to two days prior to your event, however there may be times due to scheduling load or weather that we need to install your tent earlier. Pick up of your tent would normally be the next business day following. There is no “cut and dried” time for installation or pick up, however we always strive to be flexible to meet your needs. Please remember that most tent installations require us to be able to drive up to where we need to install due to the size and weight of the tent and equipment. If we do need to transport materials more than a minimal distance, an additional charge may apply.

~~Please call us for quotes on our wedding tents and event tents~~

*Please note dance floors are installed on plywood or directly on the ground and will mimic the lay of the land. A flat surface is important.

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