How do I secure my rental order?
A deposit along with your name, address, contact number, and valid credit card information are required for all reservations. Acceptable forms of payment include; cash, personal checks, money orders, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

What if I need to cancel my order?
All deposits are non-refundable. Bounce house reservations may be rescheduled in the case of severe weather, prior to pick up.

When should I make my reservation?
Once you have determined a date for you event and an approximate guest count, please consider securing a reservation. While we are often able to accommodate last-minute requests, early planning is strongly advised to ensure first-choice availability.

Is there a minimum order requirement?
No! Whether it is a single item, or a large quantity, we try to accommodate all of our customer’s needs.

Can I make changes to my order?
You may add items to your order subject to availability up until 24 hours of your event date. You may remove items from your order up until two weeks prior to your event date. Any removal request in this two week period will not be permitted, because we have taken the items out of our inventory and made them unavailable for other customers.

Any reductions made after booking are limited to 15%. Reserved tents cannot be cancelled or reduced.  

When are my final payments due?
For customers picking up rentals from our showroom, any remaining balances due will be collected at that time. For delivery orders, final payments are to be paid prior to delivery.

Do you offer delivery services?
Yes, delivery services must meet an order minimum and are available depending on location. Charges are based on mileage. Please call for a quote.

*Our delivery team has strict instructions to drop rentals ONLY to covered areas at ground level or loading dock locations. Upon delivery, tables and chairs will be left stacked in a convenient location and are expected to be picked up, stacked and ready to go from the same location they were delivered.

For tent installations, the crew must be able to drive a truck directly up to the tent site. If these scenarios are not possible, arrangements MUST be made ahead of time and an additional labor charge will be incurred. It is the responsibility of the customer to make sure the installation site is fully prepared and clear prior to delivery. This includes marking any underground utilities, sewer systems, and sprinkler heads. This also includes mowing, limb removal, maintenance, etc. If there is any question regarding the location of underground utilities, please contact Dig Safe at 811. Party Time is not responsible for any damage done to property that is not properly marked.

Tents must be installed on grass or gravel surfaces unless alternative arrangements are made with the office at the time of booking the reservation.

When will my order be delivered?
Deliveries are scheduled early in the week of events and are dependent on factors including, but not limited to, weather forecasts, location and the size/type of order. We will provide you with a “window” of time to expect our team to arrive. While we do our very best to accommodate individual preferences, it is simply not always possible to guarantee delivery for a specific day or time. Rest assured you will have your order no later than Friday for a Saturday/Sunday event.
If no one is able to be present at the time of delivery, please plan in advance with the office and provide specific instructions of where the rental items should be left. If the customer is not available to count items received upon delivery, all counts will be considered accurate.

May I pick up my order?
Of course! You may pick up and return any reasonably-sized order as long as you have the appropriate vehicle to transport the items. We have specific pick up and return times. We will assist you in loading your vehicle, but you are responsible to secure your order. Please bring tarps, ropes, ratchet straps, and/or bungee cords as necessary.
*Please note that Party Time is not liable for any personal injuries or property damages sustained from customer pick up and returns.

What if I am missing items from my order?
The customer is always responsible for checking their order immediately upon it being received. Please notify the delivery driver or the office right away if there is a discrepancy with your order. If it is after hours, please send an email/detailed voicemail at our showroom. If we are not notified until after your event, we will not issue a refund.

What if something is broken, lost or damaged during the event?
We do charge for all missing, broken, and damaged (including weather damaged) equipment. Please ensure proper security and protection of rental items to avoid additional charges.
*If you intend to have a fire/bonfire at your event, ensure it is 100 plus feet away from the tent to avoid cleaning and/or damage fees. Please be aware and wipe free any soot from chairs placed around said fire to avoid cleaning fee.

How should tableware/linens be returned?
To avoid an additional cleaning fee, dishes and flatware must be scraped and rinsed completely free of food before being put back into the containers they were received in. Glassware is expected to be returned to containers bottoms up and emptied of any liquid. All racks/crates must be returned to avoid replacement fee.
Please shake linens free of debris and store in laundry bags provided by Party Time. Food and beverage stains are expected, however a replacement fee will be issued for any linen that is returned ripped, torn, or damaged with wax/burn holes.

Can I be refunded my money for any unused rental items?
No, once the products have left our warehouse and is in possession of the customer, it is considered a rented piece of equipment. At this point it has been made unavailable for other customers, and there is labor involved in pulling, unloading, and picking up the equipment.