Nantucket Series Sail Cloth Pole Tents

Our new Nantucket Series Sail Cloth Pole Tents are a perfect wedding tent or beach BBQ tent!  They are simple, elegant and downright gorgeous!



Have you been dreaming of your wedding day since you were a little kid? Do you have a vision of exactly what you want? Our new Nantucket series Sail cloth Pole Tents are the perfect start.  From simple and rustic to formal and elegant, these tents are one of the most versatile tents out there.  Wedding tents should be classic, simple, and elegant.  They are the backdrop for your big day. We can help you transform a plain old backyard to a wedding wonderland.  When you start with one of our wedding tents you have the perfect canvas.


Transformations like taking this empty orchard and turning it into a beautiful wedding venue!


Apple Orchard

Pole Tent with cocktail area

Under Pole Tent


The end result was one of our pole tents adorned with cafe lights, with an outdoor cocktail lounge and all the small details the bride and groom envisioned brought to reality!